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  Communications of French and to Deaf Children
Class For Week Of April 17, 2000

In The Deaf World, Hearing Impared Persons have little communication skills. And some have vocabulary levels almost 5 years short of their current age. There is new technology now that can help a children hear eventhough they are years behind their age in vocabulary and reading.

The University of Michigan is one pioneer in helping children hear again. U of M is a partner in the Choclear Implant Company. They are the headquarters in the Great Lakes area for implanting the Miracle Computers that are implanted into the choclea, the little snail inside your ear. This hearing instrument can help students bring their hearing level from Profound(completely deaf with no internal sound vibrations) to Mild Hearing Loss.

If you are taking this course, please send me a small essay that expresses what you feel about communication with deaf children. Please e-mail to me, and I will reply with your Grade for the assignment.

This course will help you learn, first hand how to communicate with Hearing Impared Persons.
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