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Comp.1  MWF 9:00

In the future if a student is absent, he/she is expected to check this site and be prepared for the next class meeting.

Wed. 1-23 Chap. 1 quiz, writing sample, prewriting were returned. We discussed the characteristics of a thesis statement. Assignment was a worksheet working with thesis statements.

Fri. 1-25 Students handed in worksheet covering thesis statements. We wen to Communications Center for an orientation with Mrs. Lopp. Assignment: complete worksheet covering chapter 4. There will be a quiz over this material on Wed. 1-30. Students will need the Norton Reader in addition to the Writers' Handbook starting Mon.

Mon. 1-28 Discussed chapter 4, discussed descriptive writing. Students were given an essay to read and to mark the descriptive passages for next class. There will be a quiz over Chap. 4 on Wed.

Wed. 1-30 Students quizzed over Chapter 4. We discussed descriptive writing, discussed examples in handout essay. Assignment: Read Guterson's essay on page 206 in Norton Reader and fill in chart for RENNS found in this essay

Mon. 2-4 Students turned in the descriptive writings from Fri. We discussed narrative writing after reading excerpts from Dillard's essay "Terwiliger Bunts One." For Wed.'s class students are to bring a thesis statment for one of the following topics: write a descriptive narrative about an event which helped you understand something about yourself or about life or write a descriptive narrative which is a character sketch over someone you know well, using techniques that "show" and not "tell." We will developing a sentence outline and beginning a rough draft on Wed and finishing the rough draft on Fri. All writing must be done in class.

Wed. 2-6 Students wrote a topic sentence outline for their descriptive narrative and some began their rough drafts. These drafts were turned in and will be returned on Fri. Mon. we will meet in room 2209 (CEC) and begin putting the essay on disk. Each student needs to bring a disk to class on Mon. Students should finish their r. drafts in class Fri.

Fri 2-8 Students who worked on their rough drafts in class on Fri were allowed to take them home to finish. We will be meeting in room 2209 (CEC) all of the upcoming week. Students should bring a disk with them Mon.

Mon. 2-11 We worked in the CEC on the first typed draft. We will be working in the CEC all week. The first essay will be due at the end of the hour on Fri.

Wed 2-13 Today students continued to work on their drafts and outline. Each student was given a checksheet to use to edit his rough draft and a grading sheet. Students typed their outline. At the end of the hour on Fri., students will hand in a pocket folder with the following contents: on the left side all the preliminary work that I have signed and the check sheet from today; on the right side, the grading sheet, the final outline and the final draft. We will meet in the classroom on Mon. Monday's assignment is to read carefully McMurtry's essay "Kill 'Em! Crush 'Em! Eat 'Em Raw! on page 322 of the Norton Reader

Mon 2-18 We discussed chapter 16 and students completed a worksheet over eliminating wordiness. Check the entry above for the reading assignment for Wed. This will be the last week I will use this website. I have a new one and gave the address in class today. Be sure to check with me about the new address.
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