comp2 Bridget Beaver
Connors State College Instructor/Department Chair
English 1213 English Composition II
Fall 2001
WO1--ll:10-12:00 MWF
WO2--12:10-01:00 MWF

All reading assignments are from Perrine's Literature. See Contents for page numbers as needed.

Monday, February 11
Exam I--Part II
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Friday, February 8
(1)Exam I, Part I
(2)Handouts/discussion--Character Analysis Essay
*Assignment: Exam I, Part II, Monday; Thesis statement for essay due Wednesday; Essay Worksheet due Friday, February 15

Wednesday, February 6
(1)Quiz/discussion--"The Rocking-Horse Winner"
(2)Review for Exam I--Part I, Friday; Part II, Monday

Monday, February 4
Quiz/discussion--"The Lottery"
*Assignment: Read "The Rocking-Horse Winner" for Wednesday

Friday, February 1
(1)Quiz/discussion--"Young Goodman Brown"
(2)Discussion--Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy--pages 291-299
*Assignment: Read "The Lottery" for Monday

Wednesday, January 30
(1)Quiz/discussion--"The Jilting of Granny Weatherall"
(2)Discussion--Point of View, page 238-243
*Assignment: Read for Friday--"Young Goodman Brown"

Monday, January 28
(1)Quiz/discussion--"Everyday Use"
(2)Discussion--"Miss Brill"
*Assignment: Read for Wednesday--"The Jilting of Granny Weatherall"

Friday, January 25
(1)Quiz--"Everyday Use," "Miss Brill"
(2)Discussion--Characterization, page 168-172; "Everyday Use"
*Assignment: Read "The Lesson" for Monday

Wednesday, January 23
Quiz/discussion--"A Jury of Her Peers"
*Read for Friday--"Everyday Use" and "Miss Brill"

Monday, January 21
(1)Quiz/discussion--"The Destructors"
(2)Discussion--symbolism, p. 291; theme, pp. 203-209
*Assignment: Read "A Jury of Her Peers" for Wednesday

Friday, January 18
(1)Quiz/discussion--"The Most Dangerous Game"
(2)Notes/discussion--Literary (interpretive) fiction
*Assignment: Read "The Destructors" for Monday

Wednesday, January 16
(2)Notes/discussion--Elements of Fiction; Commercial/Escape fiction
*Assignment: Read "The Most Dangerous Game" for Friday

Monday, January 14

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