Today we continue with our Microsoft Word unit by inserting special characters into a word document. Turn your sound to 1/2 way when you watch the movie.

To watch the movie, first open the link at the bottom in a new window. Then lok to the upper right of the page where youa re asked to log in. Type buffalo where you are asked for your username and bps as the password in the box directly under it. Then click login

If you do this correctly, you will see the words "Welcome buffalo" in the upper right hand corner. If you have those words, then click "Macontosh Tutorials" in the center of the page.

Now scroll down and on the ringh hand side under the heading  Microsoft, you will see Word 2001, click there. Now click Inserting special symbols and you will be able to see the movie.... That's part one.

For part two click and hold HERE

and download it into your folder like yesterday. Open Microsoft Word and select "file" and "open". Find the document you downloaded and click it. Now insert the special characters in the document where you are asked to.

Once you complete this assignment, save it.

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