You may have a document that many people need to view. Of course, since not everyone is using the same type of computer (like PC vs. Mac) it may be difficult for them to open or read your document. Even if both people have the same type of computer they may have different operating systems or different word processors. Therefore, you want to put it in a form that everyone can read. A great idea for this is to turn your document into a web page and that is exactly what we are going to do today.

First open Microsoft Word.

Now download This file (remember how?)

Now, open the file in Word

Now go to "file" at the top and select "web page preview"

This is how the file will look when converted. But wait. It really is not converted, this just shows you how it would look IF it was converted. To turn it into a web page you have to save it as one. So....

Go to "file", and select "save as web page"

When you are done, raise your hand and your grade will be recorded. Once your grade is recorded, click the link below.

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