Ok yesterday you learned how to convert a Microsoft Word document into a web page. Now you will learn a few new tricks to make you web pages look great! We will be inserting a few common HTML objects into our document. The objects we will be inserting are: Scrolling text, check boxes First open Microsoft Word.

Now on a blank document, select "insert" at the top and click "HTML object".

Now click "scrolling text..."

A window will pop up asking you what you want to say. In the box marked "text" type "'your name' is a quality student" (For example: Mr. B. is a quality student)

Click the "B" at the bottom of the box to make your text bold.

Now select 20 as the font size

Now, click ok.....

Hmmm it is not moving! That's because you are viewing it as a word proccessing document, not as a web page. Try this: Click "file" and select "web page preview" Wow... it moves!

Now lets insert some other things.

Click the link below to go onto the new page.

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