Ok, this is part 2 of your assignment.

Go back to your microsoft word document (not the web page view) and click "insert" again.

Select "HTML object" and click "check box".

A window will pop up. Just click "ok".

Now do another insert html object and this time click "option button".

Again click "ok"

View these as a web page (file menu) and see if you can click them.

Pretty cool huh?

Now go back and select insert again and then HTML object, like before. This time select listbox. Now, where it says "listbox name" type "superbowl"

Now click where is says "standard listbox" and change it to "dropdown listbox".

Now where it says "name" type "buffalo" and where it says "value" type "2". Then click "add item"

Continue typing "carolina" in "nane" and "2" in "value". Then "click add item". Finally click "new england" name and "1" in "value" and then click add item.

Now click "OK" at the bottom. Naturally you will have to view this by "file" and "web page preview", so go ahead and do that now.

Once you are done, click the link below to work on some practice games and activities!

Useful links
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