Today we are going to practice saving and opening files. 

1.  Open the link below.
2.  Place the mouse cursor over the picture.
3.  Click and hold down the mouse button until a window opens.
4.  Select "Download image to disk" from the list.  (Here a new window will open)
5.  Scroll up and down until you find your login number.  Click there.  (You may have to use the bar at the top left to get there)
6.  In the same window, click "Documents".
7.  Find the bottom where it says:
                      Name:  epimeriarub.jpg
8.  Change this to say
                      Name: acrab
9.  Click the "Save" button.
10.  Click the "File" menu in the upper left of your screen.
11.  Select "Open File..." from the menu.
12.  Fine the file named "acrab" and click it (hint it will be where you saved it)
13. Raise your hand when done.
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