Liberty Middle School & Crest Middle School
Use each of these practice quizzes and games as many times as you would like in order to prepare for the NC Test of Computer Skills.

This page is maintained through the hard work and cooperation of Julia Cline - Computer Teacher at Liberty Middle School (Burke County Schools) and Randy Tipton - Technology Specialist at Crest Middle School (Cleveland County Schools).  Please report any errors in questions or answers to Mr. Tipton at
My Quia activities and quizzes
8th grade overview 1 - (a)
Computer Technology
Computer Technology 2
Internet Terminology
Spreadsheet Terms
WP, Telecomm, Windows Drill
Basic Computer Systems
Basic Computer Questions
Internet Safety 2
WP - Hardware Drill
Computer Test 2 - 8th grade
Computer Terms 2
Computer Hardware 2
Computer Test 1 - 8th grade
I know the Internet 2
Questions Handbook
Word Processing Vocabulary
Which Program Do I Use?
Computer Basics
Match your basic formatting icons
Telecommunications Vocabulary
Computer Abbreviations
Computer and Internet Terminology
Computer Parts
Basic Computer Terms 1
8th Grade Overview 3
8th Grade Overview 4
8th grade overview 1
WP, window drill
8th grade overview 2nd
8th grade overview 5th
8th grade overview 6
8th grade overview 7
Computer Test 1 - 8th grade - (B)
Computer Test 2 - 8th grade - (B)
Questions Handbook - (B)
Introduction to the Computer
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