comprehension Ashley Prouty
On this page you will learn how to better comprehend things.

Read the following paragraphs then decide if the answer is: A) B) or C).  Make sure you read slowly and carefully trying to understand line by line, this will make it easier to comprehend.

1) There remained nothing to me but one poor wounded baby in such a pitiful condition only longing for compassion.  I did not feel bad for not longing to recieve it.

      A)  The author feels sorry for the happy baby and hopes to  take care of it.

      B)  The author feels pitiful for himself and wants to have a baby
      C)  The author knows the baby seems pitiful but does not want the baby

2) It was all very simple.  My mind was made up I had to tell her of my decision, that very evening.

       A) The author can't decide wether to tell her his decision.

       B) The author already knows he is going to tell her of his decision

       C)  The author decided not to tell her of what he decided.

3) He had obstucted the administration of justice, by refusing to assent to laws for establishing judiciary powers.

       A) He established laws.

       B) He threatened the admisitration by establishing laws

       C) He suprised the admisitration bye establishing laws

Answers: #1= C #2=B #3= A
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