computer77 Charles "Andy" Robinson III
  Charles "Andy" Robinson III

I know almost everything about computers, mostly IBM Compatible computers. Some of the things I know use the Internet. I can write programs in binary script, build a web page (like this one) using HTML script like a second language. Also, I can build computers in many ways. It would be possible to repair almost any IBM computer, by me. I can offer computer services to people I know that live in the Mount Airy area. All you need to do is email me at to learn more. I will help you with computer problems.

   I basically taught myself in the field of computers, and the rest just came naturally. I have helped many teachers at school with computer-related issues. I have even repaired several SYSTEM.INI files for teachers. I think I can do almost anything with computers. If you have any computer questions, or would like to challenge me in computer questions, email me at Good luck with your computer(s), and enjoy the Internet!

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