computerappl Lt. Wiggins
Online Cyberspace Prep School Academy Computer Applications Instructor
Welcome to Computer Applications

Well class we are almost finish with this quarter.
So far we have been learning HTML and how to make a Web page.  Continue to review all the HTML tags we have learned by making simple one-page layouts. View them on your web

If I am absent on any day, you can get a HTML skill sheet
from the office for practice work that day.

There are also HTML games on this class page that you can
play to help you remember the different tags.

Remember the more your practice, the better you will get.
Also don't forget to practice your typing at the beginning
of the class period each day.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Computer Learning Made Easy
HTML for fun
2 Sem/3 Qrt Test 1: session html thursday
test for teams 3,4,5,6
HTML Basic: session html 1 and 2
test for teams 1,2
Useful links
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