Holy Ghost Catholic School Computer Teacher
Typing Goals:
2nd- 10-15 WPM 3rd- 15-20 WPM 4th- 20 WPM
5th- 25 WPM 6th- 30 WPM 7th/8th- 40 plus WPM

May's schedule: 2nd will review their typing skills; 4th will be working with Excel to do bar graphs; 7th will do online encyclopedia skills; and 8th will be working on their power points on HGS Memories. Lab will close on May 16th.

Thanks for all the years!
I would like to take this time to thank all of the administration, staff, parents, and students for giving me such a wonderful 18 years at Holy Ghost. I will be retiring at the end of May. Each student has touched my life by the things they have learned and given me a sense of accomplishment. You kept me on my toes and made teaching rewarding. Thank you for being caring and loving and making my job so much fun. I'll remember how good you made me feel, even when my teaching was done!

May God Bless Each of You!
Mrs. Crawford
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