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Tibbetts Middle School Computers At Tibbetts
Computer Class Rules
1. Students must be seated in assigned seats when class starts.
2.  No food, drinks or other materials in your mouth.
3.  Keep all 4 legs of chair on the floor.
4.  Assignments are due on due date.  No late work.
5.  Take care of bathroom and drink needs before coming to class.
6.  The class welcomes your input.  The class does not welcome interruption or disruption.
7.  Leave all wires and plugs alone.
8.  Do not give out your password to others.
9.  Use polite speech and body language.
10.  Bring required materials to class--Everyday

PARENT CONFERENCES Will be on March 3 and 4.  The times are split.  Check with your student's homeroom teacher.

Sixth & Seventh Grades
Feburary:  We will finish our introductory internet unit.  Redo some papers from our Writing a Science Report.  We will do a research paper.  Materials will be gathered from the Internet and the form we learned will be followed.  We will take time out to make some Valentine Cards.

Eighth Grade
Feburary:  We will be finishing our practice in keyboarding and begin word processing.  We will take some time out to make some Valentine Cards

Seventh and Eighth Graders should remember that they have a fee to pay.
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