computing13 Mrs. Stanley
Amity Regional District #5 facilitator for integrating computer technology into curriculum
We are rapidly heading toward the midpoint of the fourth marking period. Soon it will be June, and we'll wonder where another school year has flown.

Students in 9th grade personal computing have the following projects to finish. (Some are further ahead than others.)

Floor Plan
Sales Flyer
Customer Database
Employee Database
Payroll Spreadsheet
Sales Report Spreadsheet
Multimedia presentation with digitized 30 second commercial promoting your business to a target audience. Must have a minimum of 20 slides.

Portfolio -2nd check- due week before finals begin.

Start storyboarding your multimedia presentation as you work on your other projects. It is too big a job to leave to the end. The preplanning will be an integral part of the grade. Don't start your stack without having your plan approved.
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