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Welcome to the Communication Skills Web Page. Following are a list of topics covered in our class. You'll also find helpful topics to help you as you complete your assignments, along with links to relevant web sites.


Five-Paragraph Essay

The five-paragraph essay, also called the STAR essay (or the forecasting thesis essay), is written in a specific format.

S -- State the Situation
In the first paragraph (S), the writer states the situation. For example, "Our school has recently instituted a no-bookbag policy. Students are not to carry bookbags from class to class. They must now leave their bookbags in their lockers throughout the day; however, they are permitted to visit their lockers three times to gather their materials for class.

In the second paragraph (T), the writer states his or her opinion.

Persuasive Essay Writing

Letter Writing


Grammar Help

Transitional Words

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