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Welcome to WEBCT Group One

Nicole presented for the Tuesday class meeting.  Thanks Nicole!

Thanks Kristi, Travis, Robin, for your Thursday presentation!

FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, we have been assigned the task of investigating and using each others WebCt course.

          GROUP ONE PLAN

Enter all group one WebCT courses as:

STUDENT ONE                     
Kristis Heath               
Jolene Long                   
Nicole LeFloch                
Rebecca Malones          

Cynthia Z.
Brunilda S.
Robin H.

STUDENT THREE                 
Rona Somers                   
Lauren Adam                    
Travis McEwen                  

Karen S.
Jerry H.
Valerie J.

OUR ASSIGNMENT is to check out the courses, take the tests, leave messages and make it real for the "PRETEND INSTRUCTORS".  This will create data and statistics for the course and help us understand the management process.

Check the CALENDAR for new assignments,VIRTUAL WEEK.  WE MUST PREPARE A THREE PAGE POWER POINT PRESENTATION, during the next week and have it up on our group one presentation page.

I SENT EVERYONE A MAIL MESSAGE INCLUDING THE THREE PAGE POWER POINT PRESENTATION IN WEBCT. Please add information during the week, and we will decide in the chat room which version to post.  Thanks.

Here is the actual ASSIGNMENT (posted on the calendar), from Dr Knee, incase you missed it:


Groups should be working with members of their group on the following items:

1.  There should be at least TWO practice tests on your course site. Members of the group should take the exams and then evaluate the content and experience within the group discussion board or chat room. 

2.  There should be at least ONE simple survey or pre test on the site for members of the group to take. Evaluate the survey and experience within the group discussion board or chat room. 

3.  Members should also review PowerToTeach courses for:

      *Content - does it have embedded support devices

      *Theoretical framework or foundation upon which the develop has founded the course.

      *Review the text material and place that matrix over the course design - evaluation

      *What are the interactive devices used by the developer?

4.  Post your findings (note findings are statements of conditions not editorials) via a student presentation - Use three slides ONLY to consider each of the issues below. 

Formative evaluation:

     *Is an on-going process to be considered at all stages of instruction.

     *Will enable the instructor to improve the course as he/she proceeds.

     *Facilitates course and content adaptation.

     *Will identify major gaps in the instructional plan or the need for minor adjustments.

Summative evaluation:

     *Assesses overall effectiveness of the finished product or course.

     *Can be a springboard in developing a revision plan.

     *Can be a baseline of information for designing a new plan, program, or course.

     *Will not help current students since it is conducted upon course completion.

Consider the following areas:

    *Use of technology - familiarity, concerns, problems, positive aspects, attitude toward technology.

     *Class formats - effectiveness of lecture, discussion, question and answer; quality of questions or problems raised in class; encouragement given students to express themselves.

     *Class atmosphere - conduciveness to student learning.

     *Quantity and quality of interaction with other students and with instructor.

     *Course content - relevancy, adequate body of knowledge,

     *Assignments - usefulness, degree of difficulty and time required, timeliness of feedback, readability level of print materials.

     *Tests - frequency, relevancy, sufficient review, difficulty, feedback.

     *Support services - facilitator, technology, library services, instructor availability.

     *Student achievement - adequacy, appropriateness, timeliness, student involvement.

     *Student attitude - attendance, assignments submitted, class participation.

     *Instructor - contribution as discussion leader, effectiveness, organization, preparation, enthusiasm, openness to student views.

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