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The Con group supports the claim that global warming is not occurring, there is not enough evidence for global warming to warrant drastic social and economic changes.

The Con group is divided up into four parts; Science advisors, Economic advisors, Political/Social advisors, and Media advisors.

Science Advisors: Seek evidence that countermands the evidences that global warming is occurring. You must poke holes in the arguments of the science advisors of the Pro group. Anticipate the evidence that they will use and formulate counter-arguments.  Moreover take the offensive and bring up evidence in your favor that the pro group make have overlooked or ignored.  Also a strong Con argument is in the nature of science and scientific fact.

Economic Advisors: Your position is one that many industrial corporations from various countries express when confronted by Pro supporter's proposals of reduction of greenhouse gases worldwide. Your groups see the great cost, loss of profits and jobs, and a drastic downturn of economic growth and development if Pro supporters get their way.  Develop a strong economic argument taking little or no action towards greenhouse gas reduction.  It is not a problem.

Political/Social Advisors: Your position is one that expresses the political and social implications (for both developed and developing countries) for making drastic changes in the life-styles and social ways for everyday life if the pro supporter's proposals get adopted.  Social chaos and political upheaval are great concerns of yours, you must convince the Delegates of the social costs.

Media advisors:  Find out where your group stands and get the word out to the Media group and the public including  news bulletins, opinion articles, rebuttals posters, video, interviews with the media, and influencing the Delegates. One of the Media advisors will be the coordinator for your group. Your group does have a media budget (see handout).
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