Conjunctions and Interjections
A conjunction is a word that joins words or groups of words. The most common conjunctions are the coordinating conjunctions.
                Coordinating Conjunctions
         and    but   for   nor   or   so   yet

peas AND carrots       chocolate OR vanilla
mean BUT funny        Virginia, Maryland, AND Delaware

I wanted to go, BUT my car would not start.

An interjection is a word used to express emotion.
An interjection has no grammatical relationship to the rest of the sentence. Usually an interjection is followed by an exclamation point.
Hey! Watch out for that car.
Yippee! It is a snow day.

Sometimes an interjection is set off by a comma.
  Goodness, it must be raining.
  Oh, well then let's not go.

                 Common Interjections
aha           gosh            oops           whew
alas          hey              ouch          wow
  aw          hooray           shucks        yikes
  goodness      oh               well         yippee
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