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Welcome back history genious.  I hope you visit this web page often because it will not only expand your immense pool of knowledge, it is also a great place to review for tests and snag homework assignments in case you are sick or you just forgot them at school. I am in the process of developing this page so at the momment it is very simple.

Extra credit
assigned: Aug. 28, 2000
Due: the day of the chapter 4 test

    Your mission is to analyze the song played in class and discover what colonial person the song explains.  You may use the textbook, but you might find the history Internet sites linked to this page a lot more helpful. In order to get credit for your completed mission, you must turn in a printed page from any history Internet site that shows the person's name.  You will not get credit for simply telling me who the person is! 

assigned Aug. 28, 2000

A.   Complete the rest of the picture how you choose.  B.  In every class most of the students agreed the house that was not in view must be white.  Do you think the house is white, or yet do you think there is a house at all, why or why not?  C.  Explain why this exercise might be relevant to the study of history.

* No less than one page for parts B and C.  All answers are good answers if they are supported!

* Feel free to e-mail me at any time with questions about homework and questions about topics discussed in class.
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