conwaysclasses Mr.Conway
Lincoln-Way High School  
English 3 College Prep
                 Periods 1,5,6

Novels we will be reading this year:

The Scarlet Letter
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Huck Finn
Red Badge of Courage(anthology)
Ethan Frome
The Great Gatsby
The Grapes of Wrath
Catcher in The Rye
Various other works from the anthology
Current assignments:
Read Chap. 27-35 Huck Finn, Que for Chap.27-35 due 12-5-01
Extra credit assignment: Read one of the following novels and write a literary analysis on it.Due 2nd or 3rd quarter.
My Antonia-Willa Cather
Moby Dick- Melville
Native Son-Richard Wright
An American Tradegy-Theodore Dreiser
Sister Carrie-Drieser
A Farewell to Arms-Hemingway

AP Seminar

Readings for 2001/2002

As I Lay Dying
The Canterbury Tales(anthology)
Le Morte Darthur(anthology)
Paradise Lost
Crime and Punishment
Hard Times
Things Fall Apart
Jude The Obscure
Brave New World
Native Son(Revised Edition)
Various other readings

Current assignments:
Through Chap. 10 Frankenstein 12-03-01

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