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Greater Latrobe Junior High School World Cultures
MONDAY, January 28:
Students will:
Identify key events in Irish history that impactedcIrish society.  Describe cultural traditions of the Irish.  Explain the economic changes Ireland has experienced in recent years.

Homework:  Complete worksheet on the Republic of Ireland

TUESDAY, January 29:
Students will:
Determine the importance of the potato famine, describe the events that led to the Easter Rebellion in Ireland.  Analyze and evaluate Bloody Sunday.  Explain the purpose of the IRA and Sinn Fein.  Identify the origin of trouble in Northern Ireland.


WEDNESDAY, January 30: 
Students will:
Analyze and evaluate the video "The Two Irelands".  Identify the main participants in the Irish conflict.  Describe the solutions to the Irish conflict.  Create a peacful solution to the Irish conflict.

Homework:  Write 2-3 paragraphs explaining how you would bring peace to Northern Ireland.

Thursday January 31:
Students will:
Identify historical events that shaped the nations of Northern Europe.  Describe the geography of Northern Europe. Explain each nations economic base.  Lastly contrast and compare the Scandinavian countries.

Homework:  Complete the worksheet on the Sami..

FRIDAY Febuary 1:
Students will:
Identify famous Scandinavians.  Describe traditional foods, cloths, and customs of Scandinavian cultures.  Explain what type of government each nation has.  Describe the economic base of the Scandinavian nations.

Homework:  None.
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