cooking Chef. Morales
Morales Memorial Cooking University I have always been interested in making recipies and cooking.
Welcome Students, The First day of the class we will be Talking about making a very famous drink. Here are the ingredients.

1)Bread (1 piece)
2)Strawberry Sirup
3)Milk (one cup)

Instructions- First set up the Blender and set on high. Then grab one piece  of bread and stuff it in. The grab milk and pour it into the blender cup. The next thing is to get a pot, and put two to four almonds in then pour water and set on high. Wait a little while untill you can see the skin of the almonds slowly peeling, and the water boiling. Then cool and peel the almonds. Drop them in the blender. Then you can go ahead and pour some strawberry sirup in there. Put in some suger if you want to, it's quite alright if you don't want to on a count of the sirup having lots of suger. Then blend for 1 min. Then pour into bowl and mix. Then enjoy a fresh batch of Strawberry Pudding. You can add some strawberrys and whip cream.

Home Work Update--------Do this and bring in tommorow.
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