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Hello friends, housewifes and cattle,
              I am your leader, play some games to see f you are any good.
       N.B. you must remember at all times that i am your leader, and i am better than you.
       Dixon box is not my lover, whatever you hear, although i am not so sure about the wild animal fling rumours.
     DB is a smeely poo, I know that you are reading this DB, and I hope that you realise that you are not my lover-hint- and that you are never going to be as good as me at maths.
    Barnes smells, there is no question about it, and he has wind lip.( chapped lips fronm skiing- cold wind).
       Chris williams drives me barmy from his stupid- immature comments that he thinks are clever, -including saying that everyone else is immature!!!!!!!- not likely!Also, today in English there was a poetry disscussion, and it was fine except him, he was cocky, and kept asking stupid questions as is his nature. He is an arse.
       J.C.(cowling) is a stitch, although with the  recent events involving DB, I cant say anything.
       Noz is ugly, and fat,  yet he has fucked more than anyone I know- What?
       Mr Taylor(chris) is the most boring man on the planet, I often fall into a deep sleep along with the rest of my school when he speaks absolute horse shite.
        However, school is not too bad, because Miss Peterson Rocks- Biology-.
        Webley, is too sensible, and worries too much about his brother, I hate vegetables -he probabley loves them-, but have a thing for the wheelbarrow which they are transported in.
  Fez, my friend has posted an email address speaking of me and taking the piss, go to it now, and it has a few changes.He'll be suprised.Go to and see what it now is.
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