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Hi!  I'm Charissa, but my friends call me Char, and I've made this site for anyone to see, but especially my friends.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  It needs work, so try not to get too mad if you REALLY want to see something, and it's not there.  
I plan to get some more, so lighten up!  I'll have a few more games, and all that fun stuff!

NEWS Not a lot... you can goto my Main Homepage by clicking here (Oh, and by the way, we've moved, in case you're wondering, so, update your Faves!!

  If you want to put an ad or news here, want to make complaints, suggestions, or just need a person to chat with, e-mail me at (it should say at the top)  

  Suggestions?  e-mail me!!  D0N'T BE SHY!!!  BE AFRAID!! j/k. (It's the caffine. j/k lol)
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