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Welcome to the music world..............
Hello! This is my, homepage. Well, i think in my first day i whould tell u about myself. My name is Farida. I'm 11 years old. I have 2 bro and 2 sis. I luv to listen to music. I'll try to update everyday when i got interesting things to tell ya!

Well, yesterday i just got my report card. It was great cuz i dun get any C! well, i was soooooooooo proud of that! i am so happy till today! hee.....hee....... well, i got nothig more to tel. ok! i'll tell u about my fav songs.

here are my fav songs foever! sorry if these songs are quite old~!
1.>From the heart
2.> Unpretty
3.>If i let you go
4.>Heart Breaker
5.> Swear it again
6.> Just no other way
7.> Do u want my love?
8.> Wating 4 tonight
9.> need u tonight
10.> I quit

I think this is all for today! i'll tell ya my experience tomorrow!
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