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We are the coolest geeks at WEB School #71. Our after school club will be the Future Scientists and Geeks of America. We will be doing a variety gross, grimy, slippery, slimy, and even tasty experiments. Our first experiment will be with our wonderful friend... FLUBBER... that exciting, stretchy, bouncey polymer. You will even get to pick your own color!

Remember.... always hold your heads high!

We might be geeks, but we are HONOR ROLL Geeks!!

Third Graders... be sure to try The Lorax game! Fun, fun, fun, for everyone!

Everyone think of possible mini-units of study for us to begin after the Christmas break.
Possible ideas: Space....The final Frontier?
                            Automobiles....How do they really work?
                            What's in Lake Erie?
                            What happens when food is cooked?
                            Who put the fizz in pop?
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The Lorax
True/ False Lorax Quiz
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The Lorax
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