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                 :)Coolshot Homepage#1:)

      Welcome to our new homepage! This is open 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Coolshot has some new news we will tell you about down below. We hope you like it!

      *> We just found a new station for Coolshot. Andrea Yilling and Chad Beranek have been working on it! So when you see them say thanks for helping!

      *> Coolshot is still at war with Andrew & Brandon Walker. The war is tied. If you would like to buy fake wepons for the Coolshot Army please talk to Chad Beranek, Thanks!

      *> We are starting a new music group called THE COOLSHOT HOTIES! They will be singing X-mas songs all this month and next month! We hope you see them and hear them!

    Well thats it for this time. See you later. If you want your Coolshot story on the Homepage please e-mail me about it! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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