coopercinderella Mrs. Cooper
Eastland Middle School 7th English and PreAP

Part One:

1. Go the the first site listed under USEFUL LINKS. CINDERELLA: CLASSIC FAIRY TALE (click on this link)

2. Read the story carefully and fill in all information on the first handout sheet--CINDERELLA: ORIGINAL VERSION.                            
3. Next, go the the second site listed under USEFUL LINKS: CINDERELLA (click on this link to get to other versions)

4. From the Contents section on the CINDERELLA HOMEPAGE click on the link to the version of the story you are to   read.
  #3. Cinderella (Germany)
  #5. Fear, Brown, and Trembling (Ireland)
  #7. Cinderella (Italy)
  #14.The Story of Tam and Cam (Vietnam)

5. Read that version and fill in all information on the second handout sheet: CINDERELLA: DIFFERENT VERSION.

6. This is the end of the computer research portion of the Compare/Contrast assignment.
Useful links
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