cordovaspanish Señor Phillips
Cordova High School Profesor de español

Many thanks to each of you for making this such a great year at Cordova!  You have made a lot of progress in a short period of time.  I already look forward to having many of you next year in Spanish III and IV.


Hola, y muchas gracias por visitar mi página en la red.  Espero que esta página los ayude mucho con su español.  ¡Ustedes todos son buenos estudiantes, y me alegro de que ustedes estén en mis clases a Cordova!

Try your luck at all the activities below.  They are a great way to practice your vocabulary words.  

TLC = todas las clases
2 / 3 H = 2nd and 3rd year Honors Spanish
My Quia activities and quizzes
First 1000 Words in Spanish -- La Casa (pages 4-5)
First 1000 Words in Spanish -- La Cocina (pages 6-7)
TLC - La Navidad y el Año Nuevo
Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and Seasons of the Year
TLC - La Familia
TLC - Los Instrumentos Musicales
2 / 3 H -- Las Partes del Cuerpo Humano
2 / 3 H -- Las Partes del Cuerpo Humano
Spanish-speaking Countries and Their Capital Cities
Ven Conmigo 2 -- Chapter 3, Primer Paso
Useful links
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