PIMA Medical Institute Seattle Evening Core Instructor
Welcome to the Core Program at PIMA Medical Institute Seattle. We are going to have a VERY intense six (days) or seven (evenings) weeks together. It is my sincere hope that you will all have an enjoyable, but also educational, experience during our time together. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions/concerns.

The subjects we will be covering in Core are:

Anatomy and Physiology
Master Student (study skills/college survival)
Law and Ethics
Basic Math
Introduction to Computers
Exploration to Medical Language (medical terminology)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ch 16, EML (Endocrine System) Medical Terms - (copy)
Ch 3, Directional Terms - (copy)
Ch 6, EML (Urinary System) - (copy)
Directional and Positional Terms - (copy)
Internet History and Exploration - (copy)
Mini Quiz (Ch 1, Introduction to Word Parts) - (copy)
The Keyboard - (copy)
8 Functions of the Digestive System - (copy)
Anatomy: Muscle Tissue Types - (copy)
Anatomy: Types of Joints - (copy)
Body Terminology - (copy)
Internet Terms for review - (copy)
Keyboarding Finger Position - (copy)
Medical Terminology Self-Assessment -1 - (copy)
Ch 7, EML (Male Anatomy) - (copy)
Chapter 6, Urinary System - (copy)
EXCEL / Spreadsheet Hangman - (copy)
Medical Terminology Hangman - (copy)
Parasympathetic system - (copy)
Terminology for Body Orientation - (copy)
Word Processing - (copy)
A&P 1 Terms (first 70 of 140) - (copy)
Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System - (copy)
Anatomy: Basic Anatomy Terms - (copy)
Anatomy: Bone Structure - (copy)
Anatomy: Muscle Identification (lower body) - (copy)
Anatomy: Respiratory System - (copy)
Anatomy: Systems of the Human Body - (copy)
Basic Medical Terminology - (copy)
Beginnings and Endings of Medical Terminology - (copy)
Build a Medical Term - (copy)
Business Letter Parts - (copy)
Ch 11, Digestive System - (copy)
Editing Features in Word Processing - (copy)
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