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Corkey the Lost Crocodile

Corkey the Lost Crocodile

Poor Corkey was a very bad, little crocodile. Corkey lived with his mother in Key West, Florida, and he never wanted to listen to what his mother told him to do!! Corkey's mother always warned about tourists and going around tourist's cars. But Corkey was very, very curious so one day when his mother wasn't looking he crept into a tourist's car and hid under the seat. When the car finally stopped, lo and behold, poor Corkey was in Seattle, Washington - a long way from home!!! Now Corkey needs you to help him find his way back home. Just follow the directions and create a map mapping Corkey's journey.

1. Corkey begins his travels in Seattle, Washington. Mark Seattle on your map and list its name in red.

2. Corkey now wants to travel to Portland, Oregon, but Mt. Rainer, a huge mountain blocks his way. Mark the name of the mountain in gray on your map and draw a ^ to show its location.  (HINT: The volcano is located south of Seattle and close to Oregon's border. Check out its latitude and longitude to find its location.)

3. Corkey sneaks onto an airplane and finds himself now in Boise, Idaho. Mark Boise on your map and label it in red.

4. Now Corkey is becoming quite the tourist so he heads southeast down into Utah. He skirts the most famous landform in Utah so he doesn't get all salty and hot. Color the landform in orange and label it on your map. (HINT: Why are we using a ORANGE color?)

5. Now Corkey wants to visit the biggest and brightest city in Nevada so he heads southwest. This city is located in the most bottom southeast corner of Nevada. Mark it and label the city name in red.

6. Now Corkey leaves Nevada and heads southeast into Arizona. But before poor Corkey can get out of Nevada, he is forced to swim across a big lake. Mark this lake on your map by coloring it blue and label it. (HINT: Check out state information about Nevada.)

7. Poor Corkey has no luck in Arizona either. He travels in a straight line northeast from the lake in Nevada into Arizona but then falls into a giant canyon. Mark the name of this canyon and color it in dark green  on your map.

8. Somehow Corkey climbs out of the canyon and finds himself traveling southeast through Arizona. he looks around and, lo and behold, all the trees are hard as rocks!!! Label this area and color it in purple. (HINT: check out state information about Arizona.)

9. Corkey now travels east and crosses into New Mexico arriving in New Mexico's capital city. Mark and label this city in red.

10. Now Corkey journeys north into Colorado and stops in Colorado's capital city. Mark and label this city in red.

11. It takes Corkey a long, long time to get to Colorado's capital because the capital is surrounded by mountains. Draw a brown ^^^^^^^^^^ to indicate the mountain range which surrounds Denver's capital. label the name of the mountain range. Now label the capital city in red.

12. Corkey begins journeying northeast and ends up in the capital of Iowa. mark and label Iowa's capital in red.

13. Continuing northeast, Corkey runs into a huge, wide river. Draw in the river in blue on your map. Where does it begin and end? Color all the states it passes through a light green

14. After crossing the river, Corkey continues to travel northeast until poor Corkey falls into a huge lake. The lake lies between the far north borders of Minnesota and Wisconsin. List the name of this lake and color it blue.

15. Corkey now remembers that this lake is part of the Great Lakes. Color all the Great Lakes in blue and label them.

16. Corkey swims north and paddles himself around to the far east side of Michigan. He sees land and decides he has had enough of water for awhile so he climbs ashore and finds himself in Michigan's capital city. Label the name of this city in red.

17. So now Corkey decides he wants to see New York City. Find were it is located and label it in red.

18. To get to New York Corkey decides to catch the Hudson River and swim. Draw in the Hudson River in blue. Where does it begin an end? Now color all the states it passes through in light green.

19. Now Corkey jumps into an ocean from New York City. Label the ocean and color it blue. Now Corkey begins swimming towards his home in Florida.

20. Corkey gets side tracked again because he wants to see Washington, DC so he climbs out of the ocean in Delaware - color the state of Delaware a light green and label it- and walks across to Washington, DC. Mark Washington in red and label it.

21. Now what to do? Corkey decides to head south to Richmond, Virginia. Mark and label it on your map in red

22. Oh, no, Corkey wanted to head east to the Atlantic Ocean, but instead heads west and bumps into a large mountain range. Draw and label the mountain range ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in brown

23. Corkey turns back southeast and travels through Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and then jumps back into the Atlantic Ocean. Color all of these states a light orange.

24. Corkey swims and swims an swims and doesn't climb out of the Atlantic Ocean until he reaches the oldest city in the United States in Florida. Mark the name of the city in red. (HINT: Check out state information for Florida.)

25. From there Corkey heads south - he has to see Disney World, of course. Mark in red the city Disney World is located. 

26. Heading south Corkey goes to St. Petersburg, Florida. Mark and label this city in red

27. From St. Petersburg Corkey jumps into the Gulf of Mexico. Color the Gulf of Mexico in blue. Label it also.

28. Corkey now swims south along the coast of Florida until he reaches his home in Key West. Mark Key West in a dark green and label it. WELCOME HOME, CORKEY!!!











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