cornerstone Cupid Tuscana
Cornerstone Christian High School Latin, English teacher
Find QUIA assignments and tests here starting January 2, 2001.

Welcome back to school.   It was a great and needed break.
Thank you for the good parties and enjoyabe times getting readyfor the holidays.
Our Christmas party was very impressive and delicious.  Thanks to everyone who participated.   Let's do it again.

Soon, the First Semester will be coming to an end.  I will be sending Second Quarter and First Semester grades to you home on February 2, 2001.   Please continue to keep all assignments coming in on time.  

I seldom find reason to give final examinations to students who keep their work coming in on schedule and who meet all course requirements.   What this means is that for some students there will not be a need to give a mid year final examination.

ATTENTION HONORS STUDENTS and any student who wants to raise his grades.  Check hear at least weekly for assignments and activities that will be planned to put you over the top.

Watch for the January and February Roman Patriotic Days to appear here.   

NB.   Although I have not seen or heard any announcement about who the Student of the Week for Latin that I recommended,let me assure you that I have been sending in names to the office on the forms that are given to me. 

More to follow.   Salvete omnes.      Cupid Tuscana
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