corsham Mlle Pike
The Corsham School  
Year 11 French
Friday 20 October 2000

Today you're going to learn medical vocabulary in case you are ever ill in France.  

1.  Learn the vocabulary by using the flashcard game on the MALADIES website below.  Look at both the English and the French and then test yourself.

2.  Practice these by doing the wordsearch, concentration and matching games on the JE NE ME SENS PAS BIEN website below.

3.  There is a dialogue for you to use on Fun with Texts, go to:
Start/Programs/Languages/Fun with Texts/Student, then:
Q drive/foreig~1/Year 11~1/SOLEIL and DOCTEUR documents

4.  You can then either
-  finish off the work you started last lesson; or
-  go to Word, into Q drive/foreig~1/Year 11~1/DOCTEUR file and there is vocabulary and a template to help you do a dialogue in either a doctor's surgery or in a chemist.

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