corso Mrs. Corso
Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf High School English Teacher
Here are some games to have fun with.  There games to help you refresh your memory of a few of the idioms we have worked with this semester.

NEW!!! Reviewing can be boring, BUT here are some fun ways to study!!!

There will be more to come soon...
My Quia activities and quizzes
Idiom Fun
Have fun with words!!!
English I Challenge
Bop! Bam!! Boom!!! Here is some fun for you!
English I Poetry
Pick a way to poetry!
Reading Recipes
Baking, Boiling, or Broiling?
Cooking/measurement Abbreviations! AHHHHHHH!
Measure before the rope runs out!
How to bake a cake!
Prepare and Bake!
Useful links
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