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Dear Visitor,

I know not what stroke of fate brings you to these sagacious (or is it sanguine?) shores. However, should you be curious, interested, studious, or merely have a broken TV, I  bid you WELCOME!

Since you have started the journey, stay a while, open a few doors, dust off a few cobwebs, and open your mind.  The journey will not be arduous, and I hope that you will even enjoy the challenges and learning opportunities available here.

                              Yours very truly,
                              Neill W. McKay

You walk into the woods behind a house
there in that country
you find a temple
built eighteen hundred years ago
you enter without knowing
what you enter

so it is with us

no one knows what may happen
though the books tell everything
                "The Burning of Paper Instead of Children"
                                --Adrienne Rich
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