counselorstwo Mrs. Chamberlain & Mrs. Barrick
Berkeley Middle School Counselors
Welcome to Berkeley Middle School!

Orientation:  During the first one-two weeks of school the counselors will come into each homeroom and explain the role of the Guidance Counselor at Berkeley Middle School.
Mrs. Barrick is the counselor for sixth grade and the 7th grade Greyhounds Team. Mrs. Chamberlain is the counselor for eighth grade and the 7th grade Chow-Chows Team.

The counselors provide groups for students in the areas of self-esteem, friendship, Newcomers, anger management, and loss and separation.  A sign-up sheet is distributed during the Orientation.  Individual Counseling is also a big part of the counseling program.  To request to see your counselor, come to the Counseling Center and fill out the appropriate form, and your counselor will schedule you to come in the following day.

Each student will receive a pass at some point during the year to meet with their counselor.  This is a 5-10 minute meeting to give the counselor the opportunity to get to know you, find out what your interests are, status of your schedule, who you live with, goals for the school year and goals for the future. It also gives the students the opportunity to see where the counseling center is located, how to access services, and meet their counselor.

Throughout the year, the Counselors will be presenting classroom guidance lessons on topics such as: character education, study skills and testtaking tips, life skills, career objectives and planning, course registration, and    
academic requirements.

Berkeley Middle School and the State of Virginia have high expectations for their students.  The counselors work in  partnership with the students, parents, and teachers to provide the knowledge and understanding of what the student's individual strengths and areas in need of development are and how to enhance them; characteristics of a good citizen; and tools for reaching academic and personal goals.

Welcome to an exciting time of growth, development, and achievement!
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