This site can be accessed through @ How to cite the internet sources found below:
#1 "Country Name," The World Factbook, January 2000, Today's Date.
#2 "Countries of the World,", Today's Date.
#3 "Title of the Document," date of the document if available, Today's Date.
To locate the embassy for your nation to give you a primary source use #4 .
Remember you'll need to locate an embassy in an English speaking country like the United States or the United Kingdom to be able to read the information!!
#5 Follow the directions to get information on your specific country
Cite the Culturegrams
"Name of Country", Culturegram"99, Provo,Utah, 1998. #13. The World and I website- use Catonsville for the username and bcps for the password You might want to check the link "Peoples of the World" and the link on "Culture"
Useful links
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