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Last update: 10:45 a.m. on May 5th.

Welcome to the Washington, D.C. Update Page.

Here are the poems written by our students.

The Bus Ride To DC:

Early that Thursday
I woke up at three
Got ready for the trip
And was off to D.C.
As I arrived at school
I got on the bus
The kids were all laughing
And was making such a fuss
When I grabbed my book
I heard the teacher say
We're going to have fun
But it will be a long day
The bus was filled with classmates
And they were all so full of joy
So I decided
To pull out my game boy
When the game boy wasn't fun
I put it away
Because I had
Already won
by Elba

Riding on the highway
On a beautiful hot day
All the people screaming,
The bus driver beaming
Watch out DC, we're on our way!
by Jared

The Washington Mall:

Sunderland Elementary:

P-erfect game of kickball
E-specially fun meeting pen pal
N-o one was not having fun

P-leasant dinner
A-wesome night
L-aughter and fun all night
by Laura

At Sunderland we played a lot.
Until the sun was not so hot.
We played a lot of competitive sports.
We also played on kickball courts.
Then it was time to go inside.
To rest up for tomorrow's ride.
by Nathan

The Memorials:

We woke up early,
On a hard gym floor.
Listening to the loud sound,
Of Mr. Courtine's roar.
On the second day in D.C.,
We went to the Vietnam Wall.
Where many people pay their respect,
To people who did not make it at all.
We went to many memorials,
Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Jefferson too.
They were all good men to our country,
Many people adored these past presidents.
by Nicki

The Bus Ride Home:

The Whole Story:

Story 1, by Christine

The Bus Ride There
Two movies picked out to enjoy
One pick from a girl, the other a boy,
Yahtzze, Simon fun games to play,
I could have stayed on that bus all da!

First Day in D.C.
Great places to go,
Not knowing where you can start.
There is time to spare,
Going almost anywhere,
Not wanting the day to end.

Sunderland Elementary
Seeing your pen pals.
Playing kick-ball is great fun,
Sleep in the dark of the night.

Second Day in D.C.
Great places to go,
Memorials galore,
You wouldn't know,
What you were waiting for!

Bus Ride Home
Movies, games great things to do,
Your best friends telling stories to you,
McDonald's at eight, cheeseburgers for all,
But when you come home, in bed you will fall.

Story 2, by Tim

The Bus Ride to D.C.
As we got on the bus and loaded our stuff,
The yawning everywhere was very rough.
We had awakened that morning with big sleepy eyes,
The moon was still shining and waiting for the sun to rise.

My seat was near the front near Mr. Courtine
He acted as if he were hyped on caffeine.
His eyes were wide and full of glee,
What is he going to do to me...?

But he was fun and next year all will see,
Riding with Mr. Courtine in 4 in the mourning is great,
when you are going to D.C....

The First Day of D.C.

On day one of D.C. everything was great,
We got there on time and no time late.
It all went well and our group was fun,
Throughout D.C. you would see us run.

Our group was loaded but really cool,
All happy and glad to be out of school.
First to the Washington Monument and then to Thomas J,
It was the coolest experience, hip, hip, hooray!!!

Next was the White House and the to Ford's Theater,
Where Lincoln got shot and assassinated...
Then came the FBI building, where we got to see guns,
The amount of ammo must way tons.

From FBI and National Archives,
We even stopped and looked at the Declaration in which
changed our lives.
Air and Space museum was so cool,
It made missile fanatics drool.

At Sunderland
At Sunderland Elementary, that afternoon we did stay,
An amusing pen pal, you could say.
With high hopes of sleeping on the bus,
We packed up things and slept in the gym, without a fuss.

For dinner that day, we had eaten chicken,
Cooked by the moms in the cafeteria kitchen.
When all was done and dinner was cleared,
We went outside, "NO DISHES!" we cheered.

Our turn was up to play kickball,
The sun was already starting to fall.
My penpal went home and Davis went inside,
Goodbye to my buddy, the both of us sighed.

Our Second Day in D.C.
On the second day at D.C. all was fun,
The heat was 80, all due to the sun.
My dad and I went a little ahead,
The Jefferson Memorial, we had read.

Once we visited that, we moved on,
Through the wonderful sites and all.
After visiting FDR, and Lincoln too,
My group and I went to the memorial of wars.

At the Korean War, all was quiet,
One word would cause the biggest riot.
My group and I then went to the Vietnam Wall,
Where many men and women are honored for there fall.

On the Way Back From D.C.
On the way back from D.C. all were sad,
Not happy, but neither mad.
Our trip was great and filled with glee,
Now Mr. Courtine will once again pick on me.

The time has come to pack up our bags,
It's also time to take off the security tags.
As we bid one farewell and hope to see it again,
We remember the wars fought to keep this true, be the women and men...

Story 3, by Annalisa

Bus Ride To D.C.
Early in the morning, we got on the bus,
Everyone was tired, so there wasn't a fuss.
Teachers running 'round and 'round,
Children waving to parents on the ground.
Talking and resting on the bus to D.C.,
Kids yelling about movies for the t.v.
It's a long journey, 5 hours indeed,
But it's fun with Bernard in the lead!

First Day in D.C.
Running around, to places we flee,
There's so many things we want to see.
So many limos on the street.
Tons and tons times too many feet!
Can't take the buses, we have to walk,
Things are so far away, we're in shock!

Sunderland Elementary
Pen pals waiting to see us,
While we're getting off the bus.
Eating chicken was so cool,
Then we played on the playground, outside the school.
Games were held, we said goodbye,
No one really had to cry.
We went to sleep in their gym,
The fun just had to begin!
Mr. Courtine took pictures early in the morning,
Took pictures of us sleeping, without any warning!

Second Day in D.C.
Getting into our groups to go around,
Tired of seeing the same old ground.
Going to new places memorials and walls,
We're getting hungry, lunch called.
Toured Mount Vernon to Washington's grave,
Around this place, you had to behave!
We got treats at the end of our walking around,
Then we heard buses, a familiar sound!

Bus Ride Home From D.C.
Our walking was done,
We had lots of fun!
Some people were quiet and some were tired,
some people were happy and quite wired!
To McDonald's we went for dinner,
Look on your fries, maybe you're a winner!
Now we were quite, and tired indeed,
We'd all to home at 12:00 to catch up on our sleep.

The trip was a very successful and postive experience for the students.  The weather conditions on both days could not have been better.  It was sunny and warm, but not too hot.  Thanks to our fantastic drivers, we arrived at every stop on time.  The only delay came at McDonald's on the trip home, as we had to wait a short time for the hamburgers to be cooked.
The students were very well-behaved, and very excited about spending time with their friends and family while being able to see all the history they've learned about in class.  Perhaps one of the most important events was their opportunity to get a pencil rubbing of the Vietnam Veteran they had studied, and the chance to leave letters, poems and gifts by the soldier's name.
Our students also had a wonderful time meeting their penpals.  The activities they participated in were eating dinner, playing kickball, tetherball, four-square, jump-roping, and playground.  Hopefully some new friendships were formed, and will carry on through the years.
Students will be writing about their experience in class.  Some of their responses will be posted here, while a new DC page may be created.  If that happens, a link will be placed here.

A HUGE thank you goes to our parent chaperones, planning committee and medical staff.  Without you, the trip would not have been possible.  The teachers appreciate you watching the groups, keeping them together and safe, and bringing them to the buses on time.
Mr. Courtine would like to put some of the pictures in the slide show that will be shown at graduation.  Please spread the word that he is asking for a copy of one picture of each kid.  Please do not send in more than one.  All pictures will be returned if your name and a note to return them are attached.  An easier method for him woud be getting the pictures through e-mail at  Thank you for your help.

Read here for our trip updates. 

Update #1:  We will load the buses at 4:45 a.m.  Wear your purple shirts, and be rested and happy.

Update #2:  We have arrived safe and sound, and it is sunnier than expected. We are right on schedule.

Update #3: We have arrived at Sunderland. We had a great day. Some of the kids are wiped out already (were asleep on the bus).

Update #4:  The students are asleep in a quiet and dark gym.  The good news is that the BRIGHT emergency lights have been disconnected, and hooked on a regular switch which we can control.  That made the conditions much easier for the students to fall asleep in.  They had a great time eating and playing with their penpals.  We will leave at 7:15 tomorrow morning for Day 2.

Update #5:  The students had a good night's sleep and were woken by Mr. Courtine screaming loudly and singing a little bit of Yankee Doodle Dandy. Some woke up early knowing that Mr. Couritne may have had some tricks planned. Others had a harder time waking and were not happy to hear it was time to rise and shine. Everyone is running on adrenalin. They arrived at the Jefferson Memorial at 8:55. Some updates have lagged due to Quia being down.

Update#6  It's a pretty, partly sunny, warm day. The students have arrived at Arlington National Cemetery. Some have gotten on the tram while the others are waiting for their turn to board the tram.

Update #7 The students have reached Mount Vernon, and everything is going great!

Update #8 The buses are aproaching Durham. The arrival time is expected to be 10:45-11:00.

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