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Cimarron Elementary Fourth Grade Teacher
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December 14-Popcorn Day
December 19- A.R. Party for top two readers in each class
December 20- Winter Concert- 2pm & 6pm for parents
December 21- Winter Parties- 12-12:40 pm
December 21- End of 3rd six weeks
December 24-January 4 Student Holiday Break
January 7- Students return to school
January 11- Popcorn Day, Report Cards go home
January 21-  Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday Holiday

Parents need to know:

The students have really been working on their fast facts!  I am seeing lots of 100s!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Cricket in Times Square
Unit 19 week of Jan. 8
Unit 15 Spelling Word
Unit 16 Spelling Words
Unit 17 Spelling Week of December4
Unit 14 Spelling
Unit 13 Spelling
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