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Tuscola Community High School English instructor
Welcome to Senior English.  Assignments will be listed on the web page as well as helpful links to sites, sample test questions, and games.  The following are the assignments for the week of 11/9/01-11/30/01 Please remember that these items are subject to change due to the need of flexibility on the part of teachers.

Fri. Nov. 9th- review for test on Mon. Nov. 12th

Mon. Nov. 12th- Test on Early American Authors
read pp. 238-243 (q’s pp. 243 #3-8)

Tues. Nov. 13th- discussion of Emerson (esp. “Self-Reliance)

Wed. Nov. 14th- Group activity on Emerson poetry
Homework- read pp. 252-261; q’s 3-6

Thurs. Nov. 15th- discussion of Walden
Homework- read pp. 262-263; q’s #2-4

Fri. Nov. 16th- Discussion/Activity on Civil Disobedience
read pp. 266-277; q’s #3-7

Mon. Nov. 19th-  disc. of the Minister’s Black Veil

Tues. Nov. 20th-  Wed. Nov. 21st- classtime to work on reading Moby-Dick and answer questions (to be collected at the end of class on Wed.)
read pp. 278-295; q’s #1-15

Mon. Nov. 26th- Tues. Nov. 27th- go over questions in class; discussion of the novel, themes, symbolism, action, etc.
Homework- read pp. 298-301; 304-305

Wed. Nov. 28th- discussion of Longfellow and his poetry
Homework- read pp. 306-311

Thurs. Nov. 29th- discussion of Holmes and his poetry

Fri. Nov. 30th-  in class activity on Dickinson and her poetry
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