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Answers to Chapter 5, Section 1 review:

1. a) 164 b) 164  2) 165

3.  Some historians believe that the Civil War could have been avoided if the United States had had better leaders and stronger political institutions.  Others, emphasizing the substantial differences between North and South, believe that the conflict was bound to happen.

4.  It presented a picture of slavery and the South vivid enough to convince northerners that slavery would be the ruin of the United States.

5.  Fitzhugh claimed that northern industrialists took no responsibility for their workers and did not care that the meager wages they paid them were not enough to buy decent food, clothing, and shelter.  He claimed that northerners were so intent on making a profit that they had no concern whatever for human needs.

6.  The North was more urban and industrial.  It had a larger population, it had benefited more from new technology, it had more factories and produced more goods.

7.  As capitalists, both industrialists and slave owners used labor to benefit themselves first, generally supplying the needs of their enslaved people and wage laborers only insofar as it was necessary to keep them working.  Conditions among the working poor in the North were terrible, just as were conditions among enslaved people in the South.
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