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  I am the sexiest person ALIVE!
Hey Guys~
   Like my page? You know you do!

                           SAKC RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

Color of the month ~ Pink and Yellow(My Favorite)

Hi to all my people-- Hallie, Maddy, Kelly, Matt, Laura, Sarah, Molly, Spencer, Amanda, Tim, Melissa, Melanie, Ben L & M Derek, Zoë, Steve, Lindsay F & W, Anna, Lauren, David, lizzie, Kathryn ..If i forgot you please tell me

To Do list~
    Get Hallie a present
    Get Laura a present if you forgot
    Don't forget current events!!!
    Wear 60's clothes to school a week from friday

Question for you!!!
   Who does Molly like? Who should she go out with?
   Who should Melanie go out with?
   If you know the Answers e-mail me at (or click on my e-mail address at the top of the page)

Inside Jokes
    12,6,3, 9 5! (Kelly and Kiki) Whoosh, Duck, BANG! (Kelly and Sarah)O my god my hand is going crazy, I cant stop it!!! (Mel)Um... i thinks its the Um...The Maker Oak? (Kelly and Sarah) O. a big clump of boogger? (Molly) Really Woa, Jim Buleshi, No!(Kelly)  *thud, thud...PEACEOUT! (Melanie, Molly,Kelly) Your the bestest! (Lindsay) Glitter (Lindsay) Hey Bobbie! (Kelly and Kiki) Brace Unibrow boy! (Kelly and Kiki) Our hotties! (Kelly and Kiki) Where did all the forks go? (Kelly nad Kiki)Mr. Green (Kelly and Kiki)At Mad river glen, Carolyn likes the lift men! (Kelly and Kiki)RightyO!(Kelly) Mary-Sue your just about the keenist girl in the whole school! Really Skip, The keenist? (Molly, Anna and Kelly)CARAAAZY! (Kelly) 7th grader Joe! (Amanda)*i meant to say um ,not ew, **no i meant to say we,no um or ew,ha*not,haha (Sarah & Kelly) The name game (Kelly) Hi How are you!!!! (Sarah, Amanda,and Kelly)7th grader Steve (Sarah)Dreaming of a white Christmas! (Kelly) Eighth grade boyfriends(Sarah and Kelly) I am the best hockey player there is! (Derek and Kelly) I'm so proud of you Kelly! (Kelly)Thats our song and he doesn't even know it yet! (Kelly) Ding Dong the witch is dead {w/ the knees} (Kelly) Zenon, Leanon, KNEEON! (Kelly) Stop your abusing me! (Molly and Kelly) Hey Boyfriend (Hallie)Um... do you have "Girls Best Friend" by Eve6? (Molly) Kel & Mel and Sare & Care! (Kelly, Melissa and Sarah) coloring! (Melanie) he loves me better! (Melanie)oh baby, oh darling! (melanie) COLORED FEMALE (Ben, Melanie, Kelly, Molly and other people...) You did...WHERE???? (Anna, KElly, Molly)
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