creativewriters Ms. Schoenbaechler
Lockhart Junior High School Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher
Outstanding Writers

Talula Sobleoni

     It is a warm spring day in the islands and the toucans are squawking. All other respectable families on the Oceanfront Street are sound asleep for it is still in the wee hours of the morning. Suddenly the morning silence is shattered by the blast of a horn.
    "A-whoo-ga!" the convertible screams, its red paint glistening like diamonds. Oceanfront Street residents scrambled outside to see what's the matter. Behind the wheel of the car sits a red, frizzy-haired woman of stifling size. Her chubby arms jiggle in her fruit dress as she bumps along the street. Monstrous banana earings dangle from her ears and a grape necklace hangs around her fat neck. She glances in the rear-view mirror to apply her ruby-red lipstick. She winks vainly at the mirror as if she is a movie star. A strawberry hat sits upon her head above her large, pale green eyes. She blasts her horn again and turns a corner to reveal her license plate. It reads,"Tootsie."
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