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Crestview Middle School Intro to Spanish/Spanish I
   As with any school subject, there are core objectives that serve as a guide for teachers and school districts. The philosophy behind the Standards for Foreign Language Learning is:
"The United States must educate students who are linguistically and culturally equipped to communicate successfully in a pluralistic American society and abroad. This imperative envisions a future in which ALL students will develop and maintain proficiency in English and at least one other language, modern or classical. Children who come to school from non-English backgrounds should also have opportunities to develop further proficiencies in their first language."
   The Standards identify five goal areaswhich encompass the five C's of foreign language education.

     *Communicate in languages other than English
     *Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures
     *Connect with other disciplines and acquire information
     *Develop insight into the nature of language and
     *Participate in multilingual communities at home and
      around the world
My Quia activities and quizzes
Countries and their Capitals--DIME(unidad 1-2)
Learn the countries and capitals in Spanish.
Check to see how well you know the Spanish-speaking countries and their capitals.
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