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Welcome to the official Cinco Ranch HS Communication Applications and Debate web page.  

Mr. Beard's Class Schedule:

1st Period, 7:30-8:20   -
2nd Period, 8:27-9:17   -
3rd Period, 9:24-10:14  -
4th Period, 10:21-11:11 -
B Lunch, 11:11-11:51
5th Period, 11:51-12:41 -
6th Period, 12:48-1:38  -
7th Period, 1:45-2:35   -


There is a free-for-all research session scheduled for Monday, July 16th in the new debate room (the old Video Tech room).  It will start at 2:30 and we will be discussing the hate crimes resolution.

The following is a list of potential debate topics to be used for the September-October and the November-December NFL resolutions.


Decentralized governmental power ought to be a fundamental goal of democratic society

In the United States, business monopolies ought to be allowed to operate free of antitrust regulation

Hate crime warrants additional punishment

The right of an individual to emigrate ought to be valued above a nation's right to limit immigration

When in conflict, equal treatment under the law ought to take precedence over the exercise of prosecutorial discretion

A lesser developed nation's right to develop ought to take priority over its obligation to protect the environment

When they are in conflict, alleviation of a pressing social concern justifies governmental infringement of a patent right


August 24-25        Foster High School

September 7-8       Cypress Creek High School

September 14-15     Mayde Creek High School

September 21-24     Greenhill School - Dallas, TX

September 28-29     Taylor High School

October 5-6         Cypress Falls High School OR
                    Grapevine High School - DFW area

October 19-20       CINCO RANCH JR. HIGH
                    MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURNAMENT

October 26-27       St. Mark's School - Dallas, TX

November 9-10       Memorial High School

November 16-17      Langham Creek High School

                    JUNIOR HIGH TOURNAMENT

December 7-9        Isidore Newman School - New Orleans, LA

January 11-12       Westfield High School

January 18-19       Conroe High School OR
                    Colleyville Heritage H.S. - DFW area

January 25-26       Jersey Village High School OR
                  Texas A&M University - College Station, TX

February 1-2        Duncanville High School - DFW area

February 8-9        Klein High School


1) PRACTICES - every Monday from 2:45-4:00 and Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00.  Students who want to compete must attend regular practices or they will be subject to being dropped from competition.  If a student is dropped, they are responsible for all drop fees personally.

2) CASES - must be turned in Tuesday before the tournament or you will forfeit your entry and will be required to pay a drop fee.

3) DRESS CODE - All students are to dress appropriately for competition.  For boys, this means coats and ties.  NO TENNIS SHOES OR JEANS.  For girls, this means attire that would be appropriate for a woman in the corporate business world.  It is hard for me, a guy, to be more specific, but let's just say that miniskirts, leather ANYTHING, or anything revealing (skirts with long slits or low-cut blouses) are not professional looking and are not allowed.
Students are to remain in their dress clothes at tournaments even after they have been eliminated from competition.  When we have a team shirt, you may purchase one and wear it with nice jeans or khakis after you have been eliminated.  Anything else is prohibited.

4) Any violation of  CRHS school rules at a tournament will result in suspension from competition and a referral to the CRHS administration.

5) TOURNAMENT CONDUCT - Basically, don't act like a horse's rear end.  Act professional and courteous at all times.  Judges and coaches are always watching.  If you act up and emote in public while reading a ballot, SOMEONE will notice you and wonder, "What's wrong with that person?  That is certainly unprofessional!"

6) ELIMNIATION ROUNDS -  If you make them, congratulations.  Stay hungry and focused.   If you didn't make the cut, then you need to be watching those that did.  It doesn't matter if you are doing L-D Debate, Oratory, or Humorous Interp, you need to be watching those in your event that advanced when you did not.  Watching a master will help you get better.

7)TOURNAMENT TRANSPORTATION - As a rule, we will travel to tournaments on a bus.  If a bus is being provided, it is the ONLY option of transportation to and from the tournament.  If you need to leave a tournament early, you must bring a note from a parent on the Thursday unless it is an emergency.  If we take 25 people and 1 is still competing at 10:30 on Saturday night, EVERYONE stays until we are finished.  That's called team unity and it is how we become a TEAM.

8)  WORK HARD  -  Coming to practice and going to tournaments are not the only things good competitors do.  They are self motivated and practice on their own.  They revise their cases or their speeches on their own.  STAY SELF MOTIVATED!  If you put in the bare minimum, that's what you will get out of speech and debate
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