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                       JIM CARREY
          Jim Carrey Born in Newmarket Ontario Canada January 17,1962.For a short time he starred in a show called "In Living Color" he was the only white male on the show and thought it was the perfect time to stand out with his act as Fire Marshall Bill (A Disfigured Pyromaniac ). He had a part at Mitzi Shore's Comedy Store at nineteen. Jim Carrey knew famous comedians such as Rodney Dangerfield , Chris Farley ,  Chris Rock and many more. His mother and father , Kathleen and Percy Carrey ,  supported him with his comedy and came to all of his shows.
   When Jim was only 13 his father lost his job as a controller for an accountant firm. After that his father got a job as a security guard at a factory in Scarborough. The deal was that if he worked full time his family could live in a big stone house in the industrial park beside the factory as long as Jim and his family worked as the night clean up crew. Jim's father quit his job as a security guard and they were forced to move out. After that , they lived on the lawn of Jim's sister's house in a car and a tent and they were happier with this set up. Jim got his comedy break at Yuk Yuk’s comedy house however he bombed his act and almost quit. He didn’t act for two years. During those two years him and his father worked on his act and made it perfect. He went back to Yuk Yuk’s comedy house at the of 16 or 17. His mother later died in 1991 just as he got his own show. In 1993 he got his big jump into superstardem with his film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
     The reason why he’s my hero is because he has inspired me to not give up. Even if the road up ahead looks rough don’t give up. Because if you read this and read what he has been through it’s rough. For most of my life I have been through some bad and some good times. My parent’s got divorced but I didn’t give up I kept going.
In conclusion I think Carrey is the best. I hope to someday be like him and act just as good. In one of his movies he played a lawyer and I hope to be a lawyer to. I hope that some day I’ll have as much money as him. My hero is an actor hero I think he’s great.  

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