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  MJE, RSI and HLN
Hi! I think that this should be a place to make up characters! How about the 9 eyeballed walrus? Here's  list of all the ones we have so far:
the six legged spider
the big fat watermelon
the elephant's butt
the ten toed egg
the five eared slug
the pooka pooka bush
What else? Click the "Edit" option and then write some more of your own (As well as your name) If you like any of them,   use them in a game!
HLN:The nine eyeballed walrus?
HLN:The 7 toothed rabbit?
HLN:The 3 footed ladybug?
HLN:The wacky Kazzo?
HLN:The little six legged spiders that go "POP" in the sun?
MJE:The idiotic HLN?
MJE:The big poop head?
MJE:The big fat watermelon's son, big fat Cantaloupe?
MJE:The big fat watermelon's daughter, big fat Honeydew?
MJE:The elephant butt's son, The pig's butt?
MJE:The elephant butt's daughter, The Pink balloon?
HLN:The six legged ostrich?
HLN:The stinky ol' dod butt?
HLN:The Grats Paper Doll?
HLN:The dead person who goes "KATHUD"?
HLN:The dreaded shower monster with fangs"
HLN:The stupid Dimbo Butt?
HLN:The e-mail eater?
HLN:The spider that eats your dirty socks?
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