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Crisfield High School Government CM
Welcome to Government CM.  I look forward to a great semester with each of you.  This is a rather large class so I ask that everyone make an extra effort to cooperate with one another so we can accomplish everything I have planned for us.  We will have a mock trial, I will also have a few speakers visit our class to explain their roles in our local government.  Our class will complete a research project where the final product will be computer generated, either a slide show or a brochure, you will receive more information on that as the semester progresses.  If you have any questions please e-mail me or stop by before or after school.  Below is a schedule for our first week.

Monday, August 28th
We will do a few activities for me to become familiar with the students.  We will review class rules and guidelines.  Students remember to review the guidelines with your parents and have them signed, they are due tomorrow and worth 25 points!

Reading notes, pages 5-24. Due tomorrow, Tuesday, August 29th.

Tuesday, August 29th.
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