crossman Mrs. Crossman
St. Laurence Catholic School Fourth Grade
Dear Boys and Girls,

During the week of Feb. 11, you will have a scientist test on Wednesday.  You have been told to write it down since Friday, Feb. 8. You were reminded again on Monday, Feb. 11.  It has been on the chalkboard since Friday, Feb. 8.  It is on the light chapter, pages B 91 - 125.  You are being reviewed in class, and you will have questions to help you.

I hope that you are nearing the end of preparing your scientist biography for presentation.  We can begin hearing projects after the test on Wednesday, during the periods Thursday and Friday.  It is due on Friday. But, if time permits, you may present it before then. We will review on Tuesday how to write the bibliography. ( Remember, you owe me a written project and an oral presentation. )

Everyone in the Fourth Grade will need to be aware of the list of available sources in your school library. Some of the materials are as follows (on the second floor)

Encyclopedia of World Biography
Profiles  Scientists and Inventors
Biographical Dictionary  (2 copies)
Merriam - Webster's Biographical Dictionary
The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia
Men and Women of Science
Timetables of Science
Timetables of History

Also, you can find information at  our own St. Laurence website under the library page and library resources.
(Gale Resources)  Home access URL:
You can access this from the St. Laurence website.  The password for home access is lonestar.

Britannica Online---Students and parents  have access to this.  Home access: URL:

User Name: !@#StLaurence  Password:  Ktwelve (Both are case sensitive.)

Please refer to your first issue of the technology newsletter.

4A, 4B, and 4C Remember----

You were given a long term assignment  of completing a project on a scientist by February 15.  Overhead requirements were presented, and you took notes.  You did draw a name from a hat. It will be presented orally, but you have written requirements. (See the overhead if you have not copied them.)  You will use the computers in the science class, but you may use  other sources, also.  Mrs. Crossman is providing library book information and encyclopedia discs for you to use.

We will finish up magnetism and go on to Light and Sound.

I hope that you have a great week!!!

Mrs. Crossman

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